Monday, March 30, 2015

Why Has Someone Filed a Complaint Against the TJMS? | Black America Web

Tom Joyner read our complaint on the air this morning.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Empire Fans Strike Back

Offices of Hunt, Watkins and Shuddelberg 

Memphis, Tennessee 

DISTRICT COURT OF ___Empire Fans________ 

The Creative Lady et al, Plaintiffs, vs. The Tom Joyner Morning Show Crew, Defendants 

Complaint No.: 123456-123


TO: The Tom Joyner Morning Show: Tom Joyner, J. Anthony Brown, Sybil Wilkes, Huggy Lowdown, Sherri Shepherd, Chris Paul and Nikki Woods

A Complaint has been filed against The Tom Joyner Morning Show et al for disseminating false information which resulted in sleep deprivation, lost wages, unnecessary medical bills, public humiliation, pain & suffering and overall mental anguish. 

This Complaint stems from the heinous Pre-April Fool’s Joke the TJMS crew played on loyal TJMS listeners and devout Empire Fans that led us to believe we had missed a Post Finale episode of Empire. As a result of your careless actions, listeners were calling and texting friends in various time zones, waking them out of peaceful slumbers only to raise their blood pressures and panic levels with the bogus news about a surprise post finale episode of Empire on Fox. 

Several listeners experienced lost wages as they either missed work or were docked for being late. It is our understanding that non-techie parents forced their children to violate school rules and use their cell phones during class time to search DVRs, On-Demand Cable service, Hulu, the Roku, Netflix and the general internet for the nonexistent episode. Some listeners even experienced property loss due to domicile and vehicle damages. 

Please recognize that a Go Fund Me account will be set up to raise funds for me and other affected listeners to buy a cabin on the cruise so that we may join forces against you and your team in the water gun fight. We suggest you all band together and recruit all TJMS staff members because THIS year’s water gun fight will not be divided on colorism lines. It will be us against the TJMS crew.

If you wish to resolve this matter immediately, you all - and not us - must be Bammas of the Week for 6 months or longer. You must also offer a public apology and vow to never prank us again about fictitious TV episodes. We must hear from you within 3 days to resolve this matter before further action is taken.

Dated this 26th day of March, 2015 

ETA: Mr. Joyner met part of our demands and responded within 3 days. Listen to him reading the complaint on air!